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As the price of electricity continues to rise, many people are considering natural gas and appliances as a cheaper alternative. As consumers look to make a change, we are getting requests for more gas hot water systems for installation, more natural gas conversions and gas oven installations.

It’s with confidence you can call our gas fitters on the Gold Coast and know that you’ll get a full range of services at a great price. We’ve earned a reputation as a credible team of fully licensed, accredited and qualified gas fitters and plumbers. We can do everything from gas safety checks and installing your new gas stove to locating and repairing a gas leak.

How to Tell if You Have a Gas Leak

If you use a gas system in your home, whether it be gas heaters, a gas stove or other appliances, it’s a good idea to know what to look out for in case there is a gas leak. It’s a sure sign you need the assistance of a licensed gas plumber if:

  • Gas appliances aren’t working correctly
  • You can smell gas
  • Your gas bills are unusually high
  • The hot water system isn’t recovering well
  • Your gas heaters take a long-time to warm up.

What to Do in Gas Emergencies

While we know that a plumbing emergency can cause chaos in your home or business, a gas leak can be very dangerous. When experiencing a gas leak emergency, it can cause explosions or start a fire. One of the biggest dangers is to your health from carbon monoxide poisoning, which can happen continuously overtime if you’re unaware of a gas leak.

An emergency can stem from a broken pipe, burst connection, gas hot water system replacement and faulty appliances. If you are experiencing these issues or more, before you give our plumbers a call, we recommend the following:

  • Turn off all appliances
  • Turn off the gas meter
  • Open your windows & doors
  • Contact us, your fully licensed gas fitters Gold Coast.

There are several practices you must remember when experiencing a gas leak for yourself and other people’s safety:

  • Do not use a naked flame or other ignition sources
  • No electrical appliances or equipment should be used anywhere near the leak
  • Do no use any light switches or flashlights because they may cause a spark
  • No smoking, lighting matches or lighters in or around the property.

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What to Expect from our Gold Coast Gas Fitters

If you want to change over to gas or already have gas appliances, what can you expect from our crew? We provide hassle-free gas plumbing services that can include anything from plumbing maintenance, installing a new gas appliance, or responding to an emergency.

You can expect our team to provide you with a full range of gas services in a reliably fast manner whether installing a new gas oven or a new gas line. We offer competitive pricing and are upfront about our costs.

Our expert gas fitters are the cost-effective choice for ensuring an excellent job is completed every time for the following needs:

  • Gas mains extensions
  • LPG & natural gas conversions
  • New gas pipes installation
  • Move gas line
  • Gas installation
  • Perform gas safety checks
  • And more.

Ask us how our Gold Coast gas fitters can use their quality workmanship while meeting Australian Standards for your home or business.




Gas Fitting FAQ’s

What's a gas compliance certificate, and why do I need one?

Gas compliance certificates acknowledge your gas appliances and gas has been fitted and installed by Gold Coast gas fitting services that comply with relevant standards. It ensures the gas to your property is safe. Within Australia, obtaining gas compliance certificates is a legal requirement.

We recommend getting your gas appliances and systems checked every three years to ensure the safety of your family. While regular checking isn’t a legal requirement, having a gas fitter regularly test it can identify issues before they become anything major.

Why do I need a licensed gas plumber for gas fitting and emergencies?

As mentioned above, any type of gas repair or installation requires work to be done with the utmost safety. If the work is completed by an unlicensed professional, the warranty is unlikely to be honoured, and the work can result in causing damage to yourself and your home.

Gas plumbers are the best people for the job because you not only get the expertise of a gas fitter for your installations but also someone with plumbing expertise who can repair your gas plumbing and regular plumbing concerns.

Is it easy to smell a natural gas leak?

Natural gas has no smell, making it impossible to recognise. A harmless chemical can been added to the gas that smells like sulphur or, more recognisably, rotten eggs. This alerts you to a problem and enables you to act fast if an issue arises.